Welcome to Thoughts of Cromwell

Hello there, I am David Cromwell and welcome to my blogπŸŽ‰πŸŽ†πŸŽ‰. Thanks for stopping by. Welcome to blog I am sure you’re to going to fall in love with. So what exactly do I talk about on this blog? Everything you’re going to need. I talk about life, everything pertaining to it, from happy times, to sad ones, relationships to break ups, and much more. It’s more of a discussion, where I give my experience and the little that I know to really help any one reading to learn the things I’ve learnt, not make the mistakes I’ve made, have a little fun and live a happier, better life, you should check them out.

I am a poet and on this blog, I post my poetry. I write about everything that I feel and I think I’m quite good, so you’re probably going to like my poems. My poetry isn’t for me entirely, and Yes, I couple the words but these words are for the reader, for you, to find something to relate to, to give you different perspectives to things, and in those hard times, my words could be a companion. I feel we all should check them out.Β These poems don’t come out of thin air, they all have inspirations and stories to them which I will be bringing to you, just to keep it interesting.

Another section to this blog is the Interview section, where I interview people around the world doing great things just to inspire you. These interviews are to get to know them better, their working process, how they handled adversity to give you a push to go on to do your own great things. I have interviewed a lot of wonderful people, the likes of Mary Jane Ansell, Ken Nwadiogbu, Sheyi N. Alabi, Dan Huston and much more. It’s something you need to check out.

I also feature other people’s works, like blogs, poems, art and so on just to add a little bit of fresh air on the blog. For you to hear from other people, and connect to a larger audience. And in case you’re tired of hearing meπŸ˜‚, you could check them out.

Its going to be amazing right. Yes!! Its going to be a lovely journey. Please make this interactive, your feedback is very, very, very important to me, its your blog too. Thanks again for checking my blog, now hit that menu button and check out the posts.